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Learn about: trends in pet-friendly workplaces, how to decide if a pet friendly  workplace is right for your organization, and other considerations for service animals. On top of all that, learn about broader perks strategies and how "Rover" could be just the perk for you!

 Why is a pet-friendly office important? 

Attraction & Retention

In a millenial heavy workforce, organizations are finding pets help attract new hires as well as gain longer term employee loyalty. 


Pets at work provide a better work-life balance. Pet owners no longer need to run home to walk the dog or think about hiring a dog walker.

It's Healthy

It's true. Pets can lower anxiety as well as improve blood pressure, triglycerides, and cholesterol.

Improve Culture

In a recent study, 80% of respondents thought those puppy dog eyes in the workplace boosted morale.


Voices from the front line ...
" We're always looking for ways to better gauge the type of recognition and engagement that our employees would actually like in order to make it more meaningful. "
Benefits Manager, Retail
" I think perks like this are very important in terms of attracting and recruiting talent. "
VP of HR, Fortune 500 Org
" Perks are our most questioned area. Understanding our options would be awesome! "
CFO, Mid-size Organization